VOLVO TGB 13 TI 6X6  1979
Engine Volvo B30e (line six),petrol
Added a turbo,intercooler,race pistons,dubble valve springs ,stainles steel bigger valves,etc,
helex clutch,KMS ecu 35 engine controle (ignition,injection,turbo,lambda,intercooler,exaust oil and water temp)
Standard it has 4gear High and 4 low with125HP ,now we have 5 High 5 low shifting wile driving 300 HP
Rally Rebuild in 2008-2009-2010-2012-2013
Rims rebuild and widened for home made beat lock and tubeless interco Boggers 15/38.5-16LT
Home made tire in/deflate system
Standard it has drumbrakes-now home made Diskbrakes (air/hydrolick)
instead of the leafsprings whe developt parabolic suspension at front and a bigger shok absorbers and bumpstops and remade axels (stronger)
Lots,lots and lots more......